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About is the domain for the open source projects of Tom Denley

You will find Tom's personal site at

You will find most of Tom's source code on github/netmelody, github/scarytom, bitbucket/scarytom, or bitbucket/netmelody.


  • CI-Eye - an infrastructure agnostic CI build radiator (src).
  • Panto - Parallel ant tasks (src).
  • Menodora - a JUnit runner for Jasmine (src).
  • Reference Cards - some cheatsheets for common tools (src).
  • osnamer - provides a look-up service for open source project names (src).
  • met2rss - provides rss feeds for UK weather forecasts (src).
  • docnap - a home document management system (src).
(c) 2010-2011 Tom Denley